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Commonly used three kinds of clear pond method, grasp to learn!

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So what is the good method of Qingtang?

Today Xiaobian takes you to understand three commonly used clearing pond methods:

So what is the good method of Qingtang?

Today Xiaobian takes you to understand three commonly used clearing pond methods:

1. Quick lime

Quicklime water will generate strong alkaline calcium hydroxide, so that the pH value of the pool water (pH) rose sharply to 11 ~ 12, so it can kill wild fish, enemy organisms and various pathogens.

There are two ways to use quicklime.

One is the dry clear pond: pond water 5 cm ~ L0 cm, dug a number of small pits at the bottom of the pond, the quicklime was put into a small pit to melt water, not to cool that is evenly sprinkled into the pool.

The amount of quicklime is generally 60 kg ~ 75 kg per mu, and the pond with less silt is 50 kg ~ 60 kg.

On the second day after clearing the pond, the mud must be raked with iron rakes to make the lime slurry and silt fully mixed.

With water clear pond that is, the water does not discharge, will melt good quicklime slurry whole pool sprinkle.

The average water depth of 1 meter per mu is 125 kg ~ 150 kg of quicklime.

This method is seldom used in production because of the excessive amount of quicklime used in Qingtang with water and the trouble of splashing.

The key to the technology of quicklime Qingtang is that the lime used must be a piece of ash, and only the ash can produce calcium oxide, which is called quicklime;

And powdery ash is quicklime deliquescent, and the carbon dioxide in the air combined to form calcium carbonate, known as hydrated lime, can not be used as Qingtang medicine.

2, bleaching powder, bleaching essence, trichloroisocyanuric acid

They all meet water decomposition, release hypochlorous acid, hypochlorous acid immediately release primary oxygen, it has a strong bactericidal and kill the role of enemy organisms.

Bleach powder usually contains about 30% of effective chlorine (this refers to the percentage of chlorine with disinfection ability in the total), bleach powder is pure hypochlorous acid, containing 60%~70% of effective chlorine, trichloroisocyanuric acid containing 85%~90% of effective chlorine.

Method of use: first calculate the volume of pool water, bleaching powder per cubic meter of water with 20 grams, that is 20 parts per million (20ppm), the amount of bleaching powder for 1/2, and the amount of trichloroisocyanuric acid is 1/3 of the amount of bleaching powder.

Dissolve them in water and sprinkle them over the pool immediately.

The key technique of bleaching powder is to prevent water absorption and deliquescence.

Once the bleaching powder deliquescence, the total effective chlorine content decreased greatly, affecting the effect of clearing pond.

Bleach is stable, and trichloroisocyanuric acid is the most stable. If stored open for half a year, the loss of its effective chlorine is less than 10%.

3, tea meal

Camellia meal is the residual residue of Camellia oleifera seeds pressed into a round cake.

Usage: Break the tea meal into small pieces, soak in water, soak in the water at 25℃ for a day and a night can be used.

When applying, add water and sprinkle evenly over the pool.

The water depth of 20 cm per mu pond is 13 kg, and the water depth of 1 meter is 35 kg ~ 45 kg.

The above amount can be increased or decreased depending on the species of wild fish in the pond.

For fish that cannot drill mud, the dosage can be less, and vice versa.

With the above drugs Qingtang, generally after 7 days to 10 days, the drug disappeared, can be free crab or shrimp seedlings.

Bleach powder drugs disappear faster, Tongchang Qingtang 5 days later to free crab or shrimp seedlings.

The above several kinds of Qingtang drugs, each has advantages and disadvantages.

Tea meal can kill wild miscellaneous fish, aquatic insects, frog eggs, tadpoles, snails, leeches, etc.

Quick lime, bleaching powder, bleaching essence and trichloroisocyanuric acid can also kill aquatic plants, filamentous algae, parasites and pathogenic bacteria, etc., and their removal effects are rapid and thorough.

Quicklime can also keep the pH value of water stable, release nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients adsorbed by silt, improve water quality.

It must be emphasized that the saline-alkali fish pond, the water alkaline, pH value is high, so it is not suitable to choose the strong alkaline quicklime as the pond drugs, but should choose the bleaching powder class of drugs.

In addition, tea meal has a strong damaging effect on the blood of fish, and the sensitivity of crustaceans such as crabs and shrimps to tea meal toxin is 50 times lower than that of fish.

Therefore, usually with tea meal pond, the dosage of the drug can only kill wild miscellaneous fish and other animals, and shrimp and crabs are not effective, so tea meal pond has crabs and shrimp more clear said.