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What are the possible transmission routes of new coronavirus pneumonia? How should disinfection prevent?

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What are the possible transmission routes of new coronavirus pneumonia?
How should disinfection prevent?

Droplets spread at close range

The main mode of transmission of the new coronavirus is the transmission of close droplets, which are well understood, mainly by sneezing, coughing, spitting, etc., and these droplets contain the virus, once inhaled by others, it will lead to infection, this transmission is the main way.

Many people become infected through this route of transmission.

Contact transmission

Contact transmission is also well understood, where droplets accumulate on objects or bodies and are then touched by someone else's hand, then come into contact with someone else's mouth, nose, eyes, etc., causing these people to become infected, such as handrails, elevator buttons, and the person's own hands.

This route of transmission also leads to infection in many people.

Aerosol propagation

Aerosol transmission is one of the ways of the latest findings, mainly is someone infected when buy vegetables, contact with patients in just 15 seconds but infected, patients and infected people were wearing masks, also have no direct contact, by analysis, later should be aerosols lead to the spread of infection, the so-called aerosol droplets is mixed to form in the air of jelly, and then are absorbed by others, leading to infection, this is very dangerous.

Some cities have been scrambling to prevent it by air disinfection.

Wear a mask when you go out and replace it

For personal prevention, it is necessary to wear a mask when going out. You can choose a medical surgical mask or N95. The mask should be used correctly, with light color inside, dark color outside and metal strip on.

Wash hands frequently to ensure hand hygiene

Also need to wash hands frequently, wash hands need to use soap or antiseptic hand sanitizer, so as to avoid contact with infection, especially in contact with the handrail, press the button of the elevator and so on, it is necessary to wash hands in time, before wearing masks also need to wash hands, this we do not forget.

Keep distance from others

Due to the way of aerosol transmission, individuals in the prevention of need to pay special attention to the distance with others, generally the best control of 1.5 meters above, to ensure adequate safety distance, and if you meet people without masks, it is best to leave in time, do not contact, so as to better prevent the infection of new crown pneumonia.