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Application of calcium hypochlorite

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Calcium hypochlorite is widely used in drinking water, swimming pool water purification, sericulture, and water treatment, hemp fabric, pulp bleaching.

Chemical Chinese Name: 次氯酸钙

Chemical English name: calcium hypochlorite

Chinese name 2: bleaching powder

Chinese name 3: Bleaching essence

English name 2: Bleaching powder

Industrially produced raw materials: chlorine and slaked lime

Principle of preparation: 2Ca(OH)2+2Cl2=CaCl2+Ca(ClO)2+2H2O

The mechanism of calcium hypochlorite sterilization:

Oxidation of hypochlorous acid: hypochlorous acid is a small neutral molecule that diffuses to the surface of a negatively charged cell and penetrates into the cell body through the cell wall to oxidize, destroying the dehydrogenation of the phosphate Enzymes that cause imbalance in sputum metabolism and cause bacterial death;  The role of new ecological oxygen: decomposition of hypochlorous acid to form new ecological oxygen, oxidation of bacterial proteins;  Chlorination: Chlorine binds to cell membrane proteins to form nitrogen-nitrogen compounds, which interfere with cell metabolism and ultimately cause cell death.  The main advantages and disadvantages of chlorine-containing disinfectant: chlorine-containing disinfectant has a wide spectrum of sterilization, rapid action, reliable bactericidal effect, low toxicity, convenient use and low price. However, the storage is unstable, the available chlorine is easily lost, the fabric is bleached, corrosive, and susceptible to organic matter, pH, and the like.Chemical equation: Ca(ClO)2+2H2O+2CO2=Ca(HCO3)2+2HClO

Calcium hypochlorite is widely used in drinking water, swimming pool water purification, sericulture, and water treatment, hemp fabric, pulp bleaching.

It is also used in the manufacture of chemical and radioactive disinfectants.

In addition, also used in medicine industry.

Excellent stability, can be preserved for a long time at room temperature, less loss of effective chlorine content, high solubility, easily soluble in water to form a high concentration of bleach, insoluble substances, content of 60%-70%.

Fruits and vegetables:

1.Calcium hypochlorite can be used to disinfect fruits and vegetables before they are packaged in an appropriate concentration, which helps to control the contamination of fruits and vegetables by bacteria and fungi and improve the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Protect edible fungi from pathogens;

It can also be used to prevent soft rot in potatoes and sweet potatoes.

2. Swimming pool disinfection

Calcium hypochlorite can effectively chlorinate the water in the swimming pool and prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. It can also make the water in the swimming pool transparent and more sanitary

3. Chlorination of drinking water

Calcium hypochlorite is an excellent chemical used in the disinfection of drinking water. It ACTS as a fungicide, which can kill all kinds of harmful organisms in the water and eliminate all organic substances in the water to make the water more suitable for human consumption.

4. Industrial water treatment

Cooling towers, cooling pools, and reservoirs are often coated with coal slime, which can be solved by mixing the proper concentration of calcium hypochlorite solution under close supervision

5. Calcium hypochlorite has two functions in aquaculture: disinfection and oxidation of pond bottom sludge and water body.

6.  Daily civil use

The towel in the home, bath towel, pillow towel, underwear underwear, if clean, disinfection is insufficient, still have peculiar smell after washing.

With the solution of the calcium hypochlorite after diluting immerses pants directly, can disinfect not only, kill poison, purify peculiar smell and still can clean bleach.


All kinds of leather products in the rainy season, it is easy to moldy.

Scrub with diluted calcium hypochlorite solution, cool dry before storage, can effectively prevent mildew fur.

White clothing stained with pen ink or other non-oily dyes, with calcium hypochlorite solution directly spray to the stain or soak, can remove stains.

(poor decontamination and bleaching of carbon ink).

The white clothings that places for a long time or things, have a few yellow spot, the solution that USES the calcium hypochlorite after diluting immerses, can make its become bai jing to be like new.

CAS No. : 7778-54-3

Molecular formula: Ca(ClO)2, CaCl2·Ca(OCl)2·2H2O (often containing impurities such as Ca(OH)2, CaCl2, Ca(ClO2)2 and Cl2).

Molecular weight: 142.99

Health hazard: dust may irritate conjunctiva and respiratory tract and cause tooth damage.

Skin contact may cause moderate to severe skin damage and irritation.